My DOS port of MPG123

Now on version 3.0
For unix there is an mpeg3 playback program called mpg123. I found a DOS port of a version of this, and used this as the basis of an MP3 jukebox. The support for the DJGPP compiler was limited and several files needed a reasonable rewrite to really work. I've mailed Tuomas my changes, but they never seemed to make it back into the release. Several people have asked for the source code for the MP3 jukebox, so I've downloaded a later version of the original from this page and re-ported it to DOS, using either example code or rewriting code based on the data sheets.. The result is an open source mp3 player for DOS.
Download the binaries (196K) or the combined source code (176K).

How to Build

Download the source code (176K).
Download the DJGPP compiler and tools (It's a DOS port of the unix GCC compiler). If you want more than the basics visit the Zip picker
The minimum set of files are : Install them, as per the documentation.

Unzip the source somewhere (don't forget the -d switch, to create the directory tree) use the included makefile with nmake (supplied with MS VC4 and later).
I've also got a whole bunch of MP3 ID TAG listers and editors which I've been working on which I'll document one day. Here is a TAG lister Source code.


Other band/festival pictures

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